Outreach Projects

Festivals and Public Events

Spare Room Arts Specialises in Public Events, Festivals and Out Reach projects. Tailor made sessions for your event which can suite any budget and run along any theme.

Colleges and Youth Centres

Workshops can be designed specifically for youth groups, focusing on teenagers and young adults creating artwork with the emphasis on issues important in their lives. Whether it is the chance to try different ways of producing artwork to making a statement through urban and graffiti art.

Spare Room Arts workshops offer individuals and groups an opportunity to express themselves through new and positive channels communicating thoughts and anxieties in a new way.

They also offer a chance to work collaboratively on arts projects enhancing the merits of working in a group as an integral part of the team.

Art Workshops are designed to work with a diverse range of individuals with a variety of different needs from mental health and learning diabilities to people with physical disabilities.

By working around their strengths and ability to create and by working with each individual these positive steps increase general knowledge of arts and technical ability.

As part of the workshops, lectures can be given on art movements with demonstrations if required. Workshops offer development of expression in non-literal ways and the oppportunity to enhance confidence and social skills. Sessions can be set up and run anywhere and materials are provided.

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