Welcome to Spare Room Arts

Spare Room Arts is designed so art can be enjoyed and experienced anywhere, any time  by anyone.You don’t have to have an art room, studio or workshop: any space inside or out can be utilized to create new original and exciting workshops, bringing art to you!

Kick-start your imagination and let your creativity run riot!

Spare Room Arts offers an opportunity to work in high quality visual arts workshops, with a trained community consultation and commision artist. A chance to learn new and alternative art techniques and apply them to projects that interest you. From drawing, and painting to installation and sculptures. We also offer the chance to print, sculpt and work with mixed media, reclaimed materials, scrap materials and natural organic resources. Within the workshop you will be given guidance to produce pieces of work to a very high standard. Each workshop is unique and tailor made to meet your specific requirements.

No job too big or small!


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